Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Evolution of Revolution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Evolution of Revolution - Essay Example Marlon Brancho is an American screen and stage actor of the film the wild ones. He brought realism to the film industry thus becoming influential. The film Wild One starred by Marlon Brando features on real life event that occurred in 1947 during a weekend in California whereby a gang of motorcyclists converged and dominated in a small Town for two days causing trouble without confrontation (Harris 5). In addition, Easy Rider is an American road movie acted in 1969 by Peter Fonda. On the context, it depicts two bikers traveling through American southwest and south to New Orleans to attend a Mardi Gras. They have an objective of achieving freedom. In their trip, Wyatt and Billy meet and took a meal together. They leave for Mexico where they bought drugs intending to sell it at the American border. They sold the cocaine to a man riding in Rolls Royce (Canby 3). In the rebel without a cause film, conflict is ensued with remarkable symbol of social unrest such as drug abuse, violence, sexual promiscuity anxiousness over the future and emotional isolation. The film depicted extends of turmoil associated with the adolescent. The film directed by Ray gave both social commentary and unlike previous films it depicted delinquents in slums at urban environment. In my opinion, the movie acted in Hollywood had common themes used that showed such families as perfect avoided. In a further aspect, the rebel without cause considered American family as not perfect. In all cases, all have their missteps. I do not concur with the existence of as completely joyful families as rebels show the tortures among parents and mostly in youths (Ebert 7). We can see a rebellious teenager, who upon enrolling in his new high school after meeting a girl, disobeys his parents and goes against the schools bullies thus portraying the king of moral decay among American youths, critique parental style. From the film, it is seen that after James dies, the rebel was released.

Monday, February 3, 2020

In the news 1 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

In the news 1 - Assignment Example Things have taken a new twist when Eduardo Campos was killed when a plane he was in crashed and the former environment minister was confirmed as his successor. Analysis predicts that Marina Silva as well as Rousseff have the same number of votes in the initial round that may result in a subsequent round of votes which may go in her favor. Miss Silva presents her candidature as a manner of fronting political renewal since she is neither a part of the Workers’ Party nor the PSDB which have been dominant in the politics of the country for the last twenty years. She has developed to be a viable alternative since she supports efforts towards change from both sides in Brazil while showing support for the business friendly policies making her win the sympathy of votes from the elite. It is ironic that her support amongst the middle class which has developed in the society in the last ten years is increasing among the Workers’ party administration. This may be happening as a result of people joining the formal job market and beginning to pay taxes which have changed their expectations. The Workers’ Party has lifted many Brazilians out of poverty through increases in minimum wage and school programs that have increased attendance. On the other hand, support dwindled when costs of transport started rising and police violence escalated in relation to the world cup. The approval ratings are rapidly decreasing but showed some improvement in July as a result of the World Cup running